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August 3, 2018

a moon light stories bedtime session // philadelphia family photography

Back in January, I posted the image below to my instagram of my husband reading our daughter Charlee a bedtime story. The sun had already set and thus the only available light was what was illuminating from her tee-pee twinkle lights. And I instantly fell in love with the magic it captured. I kept the image to myself for sometime and would always think, “this is what I would love to document for other families.” Well, I finally worked up the courage for that Instagram post after realizing that if I did not put it out into the universe, how will anyone know?

The Instagram post read, “In practicing the law of attraction, I’m putting this out into the universe. I’m dying to do a family storytelling session centered around you and your little ones bedtime routines. A series of black and white images of those moments that you share together, every night, but don’t think to document. Time moves so fast, and before you know it, those evenings will be a memory that you wish you could hold on to for just a little longer. The glow of the lamp as you read those favorite books, little toes standing on stools to reach the sink, and all those moments, captured for all of time. To remember, to take you back, to share with them when they are grown. You can have that. Universe, are you listening?”

That was the moment the, “Moon Light Stories Bedtime Session” was born.

And I had the absolute privilege of documenting the very first one less than a month after my Instagram post. And just as I suspected, everything about the session was MAGIC. I had the hardest time culling the images down because I found something special in each and every one. There is an unexplainable nostalgia with the low light and the grain in the images. It is like taking a step back in time, revisiting old memories from film photographs. I’m SO thankful for the D family for letting me into their sacred space and allowing me to just document their evening ritual and all the seemingly mundane moments. But it is those moments that make up most of our lives and that makes them the most special ones of all.

Moon light stories bedtime sessions are your evening rituals that result in tangible memories to hold in your heart, forever, even when those little ones can’t be held any longer.

If this speaks to your heart, get in touch and we can make magic, together.



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