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July 17, 2018

say goodbye to everything you think you know about family photography // philadelphia family photographer

Say goodbye to everything you think you know about family photography, and say hello and begin to embrace real life through a storytelling family photography session.

BUT FIRST, raise your hand if you have some variation of “picture perfect” perfectly lit photos in a gorgeous field (or beach or studio setting), all dressed up in your newest, maybe even matching clothes, that most likely almost everyone complained about having to wear before you even arrived on location…

Were they beautiful photos? Absolutely, I’m sure of it. Did it seem almost impossible to get everyone to look at the camera and smile at the same time? Possibly. Did your littles smile like they were actually happy, or did they give you their forced and fake smiles? Did you attempt to recreate that most pinned Pinterest board pose? Did the location have any personal meaning to you or significance…?

It took me till my daughter was over a year old to realize something. The photos with her that were my absolute favorite were never the photos like I described above. The photos that were my favorite told an actual story. And those stories were captured through real moments, the moments between moments, and were the seemingly mundane rituals and traditions of our daily life. And those photos, those are the ones that hit you in the heart and feed your soul. That is what family storytelling photography is all about.

And let me just say, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having those “picture perfect” photos like I described above, but my intention as a photographer is to bring something that is rich in honesty with deeper rooted meanings. I want real emotions and ALL emotions, not just static and staged smiles. I want to be in or at a location that is significant to your family that is not only  beautiful but also a telling piece of your story together. I tend to stay away from passing trends as they don’t usually stand the test of time. And in 50 years from now, when your children look at these images, I want them to remember and be transported back in time to the real moments in their lives and remember all the vivid connections that everyone shared between one another.

Maybe your wheels are turning and you may be thinking, what exactly and where exactly would my family go in a storytelling session that would be unique and meaningful to us..?! I invite you to ask yourself, what are the special things we do and share together that make us, us? This could be anything from baking your favorite treat together, strawberry picking, going on a picnic, ice skating, preparing (and eating) a meal together at home, playing in the back yard, heading to your favorite ice cream parlor, your annual pumpkin patch visit/christmas tree cutting adventure, visiting your local fair or just your morning/nightly routine. The list could go on but it is really based on your interests, the activities you already do together and families life stage. In preparing for every storytelling session, I send you a questionnaire to fill out and we will work together to come up with the perfect plan that makes sense for your family.

Often, I am asked if I offer mini sessions, and up until now, it was mostly a “not really” response. The reason being is that when I think of mini sessions, I think of a random park of the photographers choosing with the same backdrop for every family that signs up for their 15 minute slot of the day. It just really doesn’t do anything for me and my urge to create more meaning all around. BUT, I’ve put a lot of thought into it and I’ve decided I will start offering pop up mini session at different points throughout the year at a variety of places where you can par-take in an actual local activity that may possibly be meaningful to you and your family.

So, why not jump right in.. drumroll please.. my first pop-up mini session offering will be held at… The Annual Kimberton Fair next week! As a child I have the most glorious memories of visiting the local fair that was just a few minutes walk from where I grew up. How I would love to have an album of photos that captured this tradition from my childhood. The excited walk to get there, the thrill and joy of the rides, indulging in treats and ending with a waffle and ice cream every time. Even in my adult life, I still get the happy feeling and excitement inside when we go to the fair as a family.

If you’ve made it this far, thank-you, I’m so grateful that you took the time to hear what is on my heart. And to show my gratitude, the first fair mini session to be booked (signed agreement and $100 retainer from you) will receive a full one hour session at the fair!! Don’t wait, I will only be taking a few sessions! Details below! Get in touch here! I can’t wait!




For more information on the experience of storytelling family sessions, visit this page here!

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