I believe


 Having the physical memory to hold in your hands in priceless.

You and your story deserve archival, fine art heirlooms that are guaranteed to live on and be passed down into the hands of your family for years and years to come. 

I believe printing your photos is one of the most important things you can do. Your memories deserve a place in your hands and on your walls. This is your tangible legacy that will be passed down for generations to come.

Bring on the belly laughing, the wild love, the big moments, and the little moments. 

And all of that, that is living life and loving with an open heart.

I believe in honest, real, and truly meaningful imagery. Because let’s face it, we don’t all smile ALL the time. Sometimes we’re sad and we cry, sometimes we laugh so hard we pee our pants, and sometimes we just want to be, well, subdued, quiet, and reflective in our lives. 

Everything isn’t always beautiful and perfectly curated, but the one thing they will do is tell the pieces of your story. 

That right there, that is a beautiful thing.

I believe in documenting all seasons of our lives. From birth to getting wed. Some things are fancier than others, but that is life. 

Because it is okay to allow yourself to be vulnerable.

For when you lay your eyes on a truly beautiful and intimate image, you will have an instant emotional connection to what you are seeing.

I believe the best imagery is intimate. And by intimate, I mean truly emotion driven. 

I pour my heart into what I create, but I also pride myself on the relationship I will build with you in order to capture those truly sincere moments, no matter how big or small they may be.

"Danielle is such a special soul. Her approach is authentic and natural. She has a way of revealing and capturing the real, raw beauty of her clients."


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I love describing my work as honest, intimate and definitely enduring. My clients are are down to earth, free spirited and have a passion for life and loving one another. And love, well, that should never have labels, so I welcome all walks of life with open arms. You won’t find overly Photoshopped or unrealistically posed images here. And there is no need for Pinterest posing boards to capture the true nature of the human spirit. I focus on a documentary approach, and therefore, if you are looking for that perfectly posed photo where everyone is wearing matching shirts and looking at the camera, you’ve landed in the wrong place! When you, or maybe even your grandchildren, look back on your photos, I want you all to see a beautiful photo, and actually feel something. To see a piece of the story they tell. AND, if you haven’t noticed, eclectic vibes for the win. 

For me, the woman in you is a form of photography all about self-love. It is about loving and accepting yourself for who you are, from the inside out. And if loving yourself means stripping down to what you may be hiding behind to let your raw emotions show, than that’s what it is. It is not about being in lingerie or being partially clothed, because it doesn’t even have to be that. It is about confidence. It is empowering. It is about trusting and expressing yourself. Just being you, and loving it all. It is so much fun and every woman deserves to do this at least once in their lifetime.

Family storytelling sessions are the only family sessions I offer. They are a deeply meaningful session capturing honest moments. The end result is a series of images (or a film) that tell the beautiful story of your family together, as it is now, in this moment in time. Instead of the traditional portrait session you may be used to, I’ll come to your home (or a place that is meaningful to you) and just observe and capture real life amd connections unfolding. Because sometimes, it is truly those perfect imperfections that are really the most beautiful parts of our lives. Send me a note if this speaks to your heart.

Oh how I have such a love for film, but I am currently shooting digital. When the time is right, I’ll start to incorporate a little bit of film here and there.

And, you might see "film" in my name ... this is the cinematography side of my artistry. Be sure to check out the films I've created to see if it's the right fit for your story!

I am a natural light photographer and that’s what I specialize in. And light matters so much because with great light I can create the best and most beautiful photos for you! To ease your mind, I do break out flash for wedding receptions once the sun has set! But there is a catch because YOU can help me by creating enough ambient light in your space to reduce or even eliminate the amount of flash I use. Cool, yeah? AND there is a huge plus to that because ambient light is incredibly flattering and looks so dreamy in photos. Here are a few natural lighting tips to keep in mind when planning the details of your wedding day!