the sonderbird couple

They love freely, with an open heart and without limits. They aren’t afraid to show their love for one another because their love is real. They don’t stop loving each other, even after the camera has been put away.

They love to support the small local businesses because they believe in the artistry of the makers and do-ers around them.

They are Anthropologie meets a classic black & white image. They are eclectic, maybe even creatives, makers or artists in some way themselves. They know that the trends will someday be forgotten but a classic will stand the test of time.

They are kind hearted and grateful people. They love to give a good, thoughtful handwritten note.

They believe the big moments are just as important as the little moments, the moments between moments, the moments they didn’t even realize were happening. Those are the moments they love most. The honest moments. Their beautiful story, just as it all is.

She is not high maintenance or a drama queen in any way. He is a down to earth gentleman. Together, they are all-embracing and up for whatever comes their way. Whether it be a fun adventure or just quiet night at home together.

Sonderbird couples know that printing their photos and having the physical memory in their hands or on their walls is one of the most important things they can do. They know this is the tangible legacy that will be passed down for generations to come. Their way to look back on and re-live those moments, over and over again.

I document people. And people all share a few things in common; love and this thing called life. And that journey of love and life that you are on, well, that should never have labels or restrictions. I accept ALL walks of love and life with open arms. Let us accept, embrace and celebrate our beautiful stories. We are all just human, sharing this love and life, let us just do it together. 


Intimate Wedding and Elopement photography BEGINs AT



in the end,


All of the intricacies of your story are the beauty I want to capture. My imagery is meant to be a gift, in the shape of an heirloom, you'll carry through the years.

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"There was a level of intimacy that occurred in our planning sessions that other photography companies don't have...they are more like a factory, whereas Danielle took the time to truly get to know us and our vision."

- Miriah T.

Yes, absolutely. I would never arrive to a session or wedding without my backup equipment!


Yes and prefer to help you with your timeline! Since you already know I am a natural light based photographer, it makes sense for us to plan your timeline together, based on the setting sun for your exact day. While I highly recommend a first look, I understand if you decide to keep it traditional and not see each other before the ceremony. If you decide to forgo the first look, it is really, really important that when you plan your ceremony, there is still AT LEAST 1.5-2 hours before the sun sets following the I do’s. That way, there is ample time to do all your “formal photos”. So, as you see, by creating your timeline with me, it is a sure guarantee that you will get the absolute best photos I’m capable of capturing!


Yes, absolutely! Every photography collection has an heirloom album included. We're talking your legacy in the making here. 


Yes! Engagement sessions are essential as they are like the “dress rehearsal” before the big day. It gives us all a chance to get to know one another just a little better and allows you to get a feel for how I approach photography. We will work together to choose a location that has significance to you both OR we get cozy with an in-home session.


Once we know we are the perfect match after your complementary consultation call, we can move forward. A signed agreement and a 30% retainer will secure your date. The remaining balance is due one week prior to your wedding. This is a first come first serve basis, so please don’t wait!


The secret to rain on your wedding day is to … embrace it! The rain shouldn’t stop you nor will it stop me. While I carry rain sleeves for all my equipment, I’ll recommend that you pick up rain boots for you and your partner, along with an umbrella, and just go with the flow! They say rain is good luck on your wedding day anyway!


It generally takes 6-8 weeks to deliver your wedding images and 8-10 weeks to deliver your wedding film.

Your images will be delivered via a private downloadable digital image gallery. Your film will be delivered via shareable online link and keepsake USB drive.

I will keep and store your edited images indefinitely on an external hard drive, BUT I do not guarantee I will have them forever. External hard drives are known to fail, so I encourage you to do the same and use a cloud based service to also save your digital images and films. 

Expect two photographers/filmmakers (Danielle + associate shooter) on your wedding day. 

Wedding coverage is generally 8 hours, and you can always add hours!

Elopements aside, and generally speaking, I don’t offer discounts on my packages for only 1 photographer or less time at weddings.

In the extremely rare event there is an emergency and I can’t attend your wedding, I have backup experienced photographers and filmmakers to replace me that are similar in style and experience. My second assistant/associate shooter even has the ability to become the main photographer or filmmaker. You need not to worry about this one bit!

I currently live in Chester County with my services offered around the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. I of course am more than willing to travel outside this area, but keep in mind there will be a travel fee outside a certain radius. Send me a note, and we can chat!