Here are a few natural lighting tips to keep in mind when planning the details of your wedding day!

beautiful light

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Get ready for your wedding day in a location that has lots of natural light + big windows if there isn’t already a well-lit and beautiful bridal suite on location. All of the intricacies of your story are the beauty I want to capture. My images are meant to be a gift, in the shape of an heirloom, you'll carry through the years.

Create a timeline with me, your photographer, and it will guarantee all your “formal photographs” are taken before the sun sets for the night. This will be so beneficial in making the day run extra smooth and stress free because we will be on the same page from start to finish.

Pay close attention to this next tip because it is REALLY important!! Be sure you add or confirm there is plenty of ambient light included in your ceremony (if indoors or after dark) and especially reception site for once the sun has officially set. Some great examples of ambient lights are market string lights or twinkle lights, lots of candles, all types of lanterns, and even a light wash of up lighting to name a few. It’s so much fun and your options are endless! It also makes for another great way to add your personal touch if the ambient lighting isn’t already part of the venue you choose.

If you can, try to avoid pinpointed spot lighting that drops only on your centerpieces. While it can be beautiful on its own, when you add your guests to the picture, the dramatic effect makes it difficult to get proper and flattering exposure.

Lastly, while those colorful and crazy lighting effects DJ’s may offer you sound really awesome, they aren’t the most flattering in photos. That is, unless you don’t mind being purple or having green little dots floating all over our face during the first dance. You feel me?