the sonderbird woman

She is a down to earth, real, go with the flow, good vibes only kind of woman. She is not high maintenance or a drama queen in any way. And she prefers the honest moments, moments in between moments over the staged or contrived moments any day. 

She believes her story is beautiful, that she is beautiful, that life is beautiful just as it all is.

She loves black & white images, and printing her photos is important to her soul. She knows that will be a part of her legacy. 

She has a kind heart and is a grateful person. She loves to give a good, thoughtful hand written note.

She is Anthropologie meets a classic black & white image. That makes her eclectic and maybe a creative, maker or artist in some way herself but in a way that is enduring and will always stand the test of time.

THE WOMAN WHO INSPIRES ME EVERY DAY. SHE'S ME. SHe'S YOU. She's the heart of every woman before and after us.

The Sonderbird woman knows that printing her photos and having the tangible memory in her hands is one of the most important things she can do. Her way to look back, relive and celebrate all the beautiful pieces of her.



The woman in you

All-Inclusive Experience Booking Fee $295


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"Every lady should do one!! Danielle is so talented and a such a lovely gem of a lady. I feel like we bonded like sisters the day I did mine!"

- Joy S.

You will see your images for the first time approximately 2-3 weeks after your session at your reveal and ordering appointment! We will then match your favorite photos with the heirlooms pieces you already told me you have your heart set on. Once all the details are finalized, I will place your order and collect payment.

You're the only person who will get to see you images. I love sharing your images, with your permission only, on social media and/or on my website. 

Our session will generally take 1-2 hours. Really, it's about comfort ... I want to capture you in your most authentic light, and I'm patient while finding these moments. Generally, I will come to you in your home where you are free to be you. An outdoor session connecting to the elements is always an option that I absolutely love.  We can even find an Airbnb that we book and use for a few hours! 

Send me a note and schedule your complementary consultation. I'll confirm all the details and answer any of your questions. A signed agreement and $295 booking fee will secure your session on my calendar.

If you have a body, it's worth celebrating. I want to tell stories of people of all sizes and stages of life. This experience is meant to empower you. I'll use my experience to be sure your energy, heart and body is captured in a beautiful, honest way. 

The Woman in You is an experience of embodying your true self. I will guide you every step of the way through movement and exploration. You may choose to further this journey through the grounding nature of connecting with the elements. It will be liberating. Empowering. Freeing. A connection to the divine feminine that is within you.